OH MY DOCS operates from the Netherlands and ships worldwide. All prices on the site are in Euros.


OH MY DOCS only sells pre-loved and vintage items, this means that the items have already been owned. As a result, it cannot be expected that the product will be delivered new and perfect looking. We do make sure that the products we sell have minimal damage so they can be worn for quite some time.

If there are any damages, this will be clearly stated on the page of the product. If you have questions about the size, condition or details of an item, please contact us at info@ohmydocs.nl.

General questions

Are your Dr. Martens real?

We only sell original Dr. Martens, this way you can be sure that the quality of the article is guaranteed.

What does pre-loved mean?

Pre-loved describes products that have been owned by someone else. 

What's the difference between pre-loved and vintage?

Vintage products are originated from a few eras ago while pre-loved products can also be more recently produced. Vintage Dr. Martens are usually originated from the 00's and before.

What does MIE stand for?

MIE stands for Made in England, Dr. Martens which are MIE are generally of sturdy and better quality. Vintage Dr. Martens are mostly made in England.

Shipping and returns

Can I return my purchase?

Yes, it is possible to return your purchase if the tag is still attached. Report your return within 14 days after receiving, take a look at the Return section to read the instructions.

Do you have a question about your shipment? Contact us at info@ohmydocs.nl and state your order number in your email. We will help you as soon as possible.